Big Shanty PTA
Soar to New Heights: Supporting and Celebrating Student Success
1575 Ben King Rd., Kennesaw, GA 30144
(678) 594-8023

Meet The Team

  1. Box Tops & Labels
    Box Tops & Labels
  2. Community Outreach
    Community Outreach
    Volunteer Today! email:
  3. Exceptional Children's Week
    Exceptional Children's Week
    Volunteer Today!
  4. Fall Dance
    Fall Dance
    Kelly Miller email:
  5. Fifth Grade Activities
    Fifth Grade Activities
  6. Grant Writing
    Grant Writing
  7. Green Team - Environmental Education
    Green Team - Environmental Education
    Christy Ball email:
  8. Multicultural Awareness
    Multicultural Awareness
    Volunteer Today!
  9. Hospitality
    Volunteer Today!
  10. Legislative
    Volunteer Today!
  11. Membership
    Doris Jarmon
  12. Reflections
    Volunteer Today
  13. Room Representatives
    Room Representatives
    Amy Wilson
  14. Spirit Wear
    Spirit Wear
    Volunteer Today!
  15. Spring Carnival
    Spring Carnival
    Linda Ludwick
  16. Yearbook
    Pam Fusaro
  17. Thanksgiving Food Bank
    Thanksgiving Food Bank
  18. Christmas Food Bank
    Christmas Food Bank
    Tracy Culbreth
  19. Spring Carnival Baskets
    Spring Carnival Baskets
    Volunteer Today!
  20. Red Ribbon Week
    Red Ribbon Week
    Volunteer Today!

Join Our Team

If you would like to help with a committee, please email the Chairperson at the address shown above.